Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Designed for applying sticker labels on both side of bottles which are flat, oval, rectangular, or square in shape (Such as foods, detergents, pharmaceutical and chemical products).

Features of double side sticker labeling machine

  • Equipped with servo motor system and planetary gearbox
  • Equipped with PLC and 7″ colour HMI
  • Label length and label timing can be changed on the HMI
  • All Material for Frame and components are made from stainless steel (304) and aluminium to comply with GMP standards
  • Designed for easy and fast use, no change parts for label size
  • Programmed for label length detection
  • Easy control, high speed and accuracy (Accurate to ±1 mm)
  • Angle adjustment of labelling head

Technical Specifications
Output Speedup to 120 unit/min
Label Height20-200 mm
Label Roll Diameter300 mm
Core Diameter76 mm
Container Specifications250-4000 cc
Power Supply220 VAC, 50 Hz, 2 KW
Dimensions (LxWxH)2500x1350x1550 mm2